7 May 2022

Fix your gym's leaky bucket with a change of mindset


...the mobile phone hits the floor, instantly grabbing your attention.

The voice tells you that constant, fresh leads are essential to the success of your business. Your brain immediately says to itself "oh God! Yes, he's right... where are my next leads coming from?".

Luckily the dude on screen has the answer. Praise be!
But wait... this is what we, as gym owners, are conditioned to think. It's so ingrained in our psyche that it pretty much forms part of our DNA!

For some "bat them on through" gyms, this is true. It's a numbers game, seeing how much will stick to the wall.

It's also true that leads are critical to their business. That is, essentially, what they sell.
A boutique or small group personal training gym tends to be more exclusive, with a high focus on community. They typically operate with a lower volume of clients, but provide a vastly superior service and charge a premium for their service. Boutique gym members tend to be slightly older, and typically more affluent. A typical boutique client will show loyalty towards their gym.
Small group personal training

Does the above definition match what you either believe your gym to be, or what you want it to be?

Providing a higher quality of service to a higher calibre of client paying a premium for their membership is a strong business model. Those able to afford higher-ticket memberships are those fortunate enough to be less effected by financial challenges, such as a recession. They likely have a higher disposable income, but they are looking for a facility that can meet their needs for a higher-level of service.  When they find it, provided that service is maintained, they will likely remain long term, loyal members.

Operating a premium-price membership boutique facility does not mean that you don't need leads. However, what it does means is that you should need fewer of them, and that the leads you bring in are predominantly growing your business, rather than supplementing the steady stream of members you're losing out the bottom of the bucket every month.

Operating a successful boutique facility requires the appropriate mindset.

Firstly you need to consider your image. Does your facility resonate with the calibre of member that you are seeking to sign-up? Does your personal presentation, that of your team, and that of your facility match with the expectations of your target audience? A typical high-ticket gym member is likely to be less interested in your fitness and your achievements, but more in terms of what it is that you are able to offer them.

Next, consider your language and approach.  An individual with a disposable income sufficient to support a £250+ per month gym membership has a world of options open to them, and they are unlikely to rush their decisions.  Adverts seeking "10 new members" and offering a "'significant discount' if you sign-up in the next 6 hours", are unlikely to find a kinship.  Instead, chances are they that will alienate your target audience, and send them elsewhere.

A premium membership gym-goer needs to be carefully nurtured. It needs to be understood that they are likely under significant work pressures.  Chances are that they also have a family, and are already battling the work-life balance.  They need a gym that understands their situation and is built around providing a comprehensive, 360° wellness solution.

Of paramount importance, you need to 'fix the leaky bucket'.

To succeed as a boutique, small group training gym offering premium price memberships you need to provide a premium service.  If you do not, not only will your members leave, but you will establish a poor reputation and will struggle to bring in new high-calibre members.

Many gyms do a great job of nurturing their leads but then, once the lead has committed to spend and become a member, the 'love' dries up.  Perhaps, if they're lucky they get a "weekly check-in" form to complete - often because a 'fitness guru' has told you that's what you ought to do.  Does that sound like a premium service to you?

Genuine care for and engagement with your members is the cornerstone of delivering the type of service that will bring you high-value members and, most importantly, will keep them renewing.

For a small facility this can be tricky. Resources are limited but, on the plus side, with a smaller number of higher paying members, it is easier - and something you can do effectively & efficiently without blowing your staff costs through the roof.

SGPT Infinity, powered by Quoox GMS, is designed to help you deliver a profitable, high-ticket membership service.

Pulling together decades of specialist experience, the Quoox team pooled their knowledge to create SGPT Infinity.

SGPT Infinity provides the system, resources, and the practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. It is the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".

Our business advice team work with you, with weekly/monthly meetings, to help you deliver against your 90-day, 1-year, and 5-year+ goals. SGPT Infinity provides you an extensive suite of "ready to use" branded resources, workflows, and automations - all delivered via the Quoox GMS system, designed specifically for boutique gyms like yours.

New resources are released every month, ensuring your delivery to your members always stays fresh.  What's more, all of our content is built around maximising engagement and re-enforcing the community nature of your facility - one of primary elements in achieving a loyal member base.

With SGPT Infinity you can deliver premium memberships

Written by Chris Windram.


Quoox provides the system, resources, and practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. Discover the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".
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