Michael Quirk, Eat Train Live

Case Study: Eat Train Live

At 28,000 sq. ft., Eat Train Live is one of the country’s largest independent personal & small group training facilities. Looking well beyond traditional in-person training, ETL uses Quoox to help them provide a comprehensive, forward-looking 360° wellness solution.

“I have used three other popular fitness software systems in the last few years. Quoox is ahead by a country mile!” – Michael Quirk

A vision for the future of fitness

Founder of Eat Train Live (ETL), Michael Quirk understands that a key element of success in the evolving fitness industry is the provision of a complete 360° offering to members.

Having been a long term subscriber to personal training stretching beyond the few hours the member spends at the facility, ETL has been a leader in delivering amongst the finest, most fully rounded membership offerings in the country. It is this vision that has seen Michael successfully up-scale his facility multiple times within the last few years, so as to cope with the wealth of demand for ETL’s services.

Despite the programme being strong, delivery remained less member-friendly than Michael desired, with ETL having to use multiple apps & software to deliver their vision.

In April 2020, Michael was introduced to Quoox and was quick to embrace the wealth of benefits & features that the product brought his business.

Closely aligned with Michael’s own personal visions, Quoox provides ETL a solution for both now and well into the future.

All in one place…

Quoox has provided Michael with one, cohesive platform that he can use to manage his entire business, as well as a single, user-friendly solution for his members – both through the Quoox mobile app, and the FitnessHub member portal. The days of separate, disjointed “members areas” are long gone, and Quoox provides an easy, yet powerful platform for delivery content.

Never forgotten…

Having embraced Quoox’s campaigns, automated nurturing sequences, and in-built forms & questionnaires ETL ensure that every member receives the same, high quality induction & care package. Knowing that this is taken care of frees up Michael’s team to deliver the additional value and benefit that comes from their personal expertise. Administration time has been slashed, service levels are at their highest, and costs are down.

Absolute game changer!

“We moved to Quoox after years of never quite finding what we needed from a CMS system, which meant we had costly subscriptions to multiple companies for booking systems, fitness apps, email systems, SMS systems – and what felt like an endless list of costs to the business.

I said for years if a company could effectively package these things together, that it would become the best system available… and Quoox did just that. From day one the team have been brilliant. Any requests they are onto straight away, and are very open to ideas to improve the system – which I found just didn’t happen with other companies.

The booking system is brilliant… Never once have I had any booking issues. Considering we run 130 Group PT/class sessions a week, plus a full day schedules for 2 open gyms, that’s a lot of sessions working efficiently!

Fitflix® is an absolute game changer… it took away the need for a members site as well as a fitness app in one go. It allows us to provide education resources, exercises, programmes and lots more to our members, and has made offering an online alternative to our membership even easier

We also have been able to have our booklets, recipe books, and PAR-Q forms integrated into the app so it’s really easy to give people access to our resources, as well as ensuring we are well covered from an insurance point of view with everyone having to fill in a medical questionnaire before being allowed to book.

The message centre and nurture sequence functions have been invaluable. Having all correspondence with our members in one place has made our lives a whole lot easier. All the staff can be a part of the process which makes everything much more efficient. The nurture sequences have meant we can really support our new members through their 30 day trial process with automatic emails, texts, documents and videos going out at incremental times… The fact it happens automatically has helped us not make any mistakes and miss out important information for potential customers.

We can’t recommend Quoox enough. I have used three other popular fitness software systems in the last few years and Quoox is ahead by a country mile.”

Michael Quirk, Eat Train Live