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Quoox provides software & solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) facility.

Quoox Alchemy is a business support service designed to meet the specific needs of an SGPT facility focussed on high-value memberships & delivering a premium service to their members.

At the heart of Alchemy is the Quoox Ultimate gym management system - the ultimate management software for a boutique fitness facility. Quoox Ultimate software is also available as a standalone offering and is used by many of the best known & most successful SGPT gyms.

QUOOX Ultimate

Quite simply the best gym management software for small group and personal training gyms, available both as standalone or included as the core of our Alchemy solution.
Quoox GMS - The ultimate small group gym management software


Everything you need to operate your training gym effectively & profitably. Included is personalised mentorship; all of the resources you need from lead attraction through to member retention; and all delivered via the Quoox Ultimate system.
SGPT Infinity - Delivering success to your training gym

Why Alchemy is different

With so many providers boasting of a "complete solution", is important to be able to assess & validate these claims before you make a decision critical to your business.


Unlike many competitors' services, our entire service delivery is tailored to your business. Our Alchemy subscription includes weekly calls with your account manager. The Alchemy team operate as an extension of your business, dedicated to reaching your goals.


Being given a stack of PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets is of little practical use to you as a gym owner. The Quoox Alchemy resource kit is a specially curated library of content built-in & ready-to-deploy directly through your Quoox Ultimate system.


Arguably the most critical piece of equipment in your gym, you need to know that the system you are running your business on is fit-for-purpose and has been designed for the job. Quoox Ultimate is the leading SGPT facility; team; lead; and member management tool.
Our company fuses the knowledge of what it takes to build a successful training gym, with the skills & expertise of developing world-class gym management software.

In an industry where seemingly anybody can become a self-anointed 'guru', and opening an Academy doesn't necessarily mean you've even owned your own gym, Quoox has an unrivalled reputation for delivering against its promises.  We are proud that most of our new clients come from direct referrals by existing customers.

The chances are that you regularly receive emails from overseas developers peddling the creation of bespoke apps and software.  In recent times it has become de rigueur for fitness industry 'experts' to have "their own software". However, there are almost as many horror stories of facilities whose businesses have been hurt or destroyed by their software systems collapsing, being turned off, or unknowingly having their valuable member data harvested by scammers.

Alchemy does not have any 'gurus' amongst its team members. We strongly believe that no one person can truly be an "expert" in all of the areas it takes to operate a successful small group training gym.  Instead, our team comprises dedicated experts in their field - ranging from sales; to fitness coaching; to customer engagement; to business management; to the development of resilient, multi-homed, cloud-based business software.

We were founded and are based in the UK, with our in-house team responsible for the development and delivery of all of our product content, plus the operation of our SGPT niche, proprietary software, Quoox Ultimate. We operate to a strict code of rules and ethics, and we secure all client data in top-tier data centres (operated by Microsoft), in the country & location closest to their facility. Unlike some software providers in the fitness industry, we do not share, sell, or seek the rights over any of our client data... your business, your data!

Sounds good? We're here to answer your questions.

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Chris Windram - Co-Founder & CTO


Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Choosing a business system is a critical decision and can affect your livelihood.

Quoox CTO, Chris Windram, covers key some points you may wish to consider.


Quoox provides the system, resources, and practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. Discover the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".
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