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4 July 2024
Embracing the Digital Age

Chris Windram, CEO of Quoox, hosts a panel at Elevate '24 to discuss the importance of technology in fitness.

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4 July 2024
Fitness Professional's Guide to Mental Health

Richard Jay discusses the different aspects of mental health, including how to identify someone struggling with mental health challenges.

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4 July 2024
Achieve your dream of owning a gym

Alina Cooper from Studio Grow runs through the ten critical steps for opening a successful gym/studio.

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4 July 2024
Inside a Gym Owner's Mind

Jessica Pitts-Brennan hosts a panel of successful gym owners, who share their experiences and expertise.

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2 July 2024
Breaking Jumps and Owning Gyms

Dan Edwardes, CEO of Parkour Generations, discusses how "Breaking Jumps" can help you build your gym business.

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1 July 2024
Transforming 6-Week Challenges into Wellness Programs

Explore why the small group personal training industry in the U.K. should shift from traditional 6-week fitness challenges to wellness and lifestyle programs.

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28 June 2024
Operational Superiority: Reduce attrition, Increase profitability

Jessica Pitts-Brennan provides guidance and insight into how you can achieve operational superiority with your SGPT gym.

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27 June 2024
Navigating Success: Why being vulnerable will help you succeed

Presenting at Elevate '24, Adam Daniel MBA discusses and evidences why being vulnerable can help your fitness business.

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26 June 2024
Womens Safety: The Changes We Need To Make

Alina Cooper hosts the panel of Giorgia Brennan, Rachel Young, and Vicky Braddon on the critical topic of Women's Safety.

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24 June 2024
Elevate 2024: Highlights and Insights from Day 2 at the Gym Mastery Theatre

Find out how day 2 of Elevate 2024 went for us in the Gym Mastery Theatre!

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21 June 2024
Elevate 2024: Highlights and Insights from Day 1 at the Gym Mastery Theatre

Find out how Elevate 2024 went for us in the Gym Mastery Theatre!

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20 June 2024
A Finger on the Pulse: Small Group Personal Training

Chris Windram, CEO of Quoox, presented insights and an overview of the premium, boutique, and SGPT sector at Elevate '24.

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6 June 2024
Tailoring Your Marketing and Social Media

Are you reaching your intended demographic? Find out how you could be, with Quoox.

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3 April 2024
Getting the most out of Quoox

Webinar from 28th March 2024, showing you how you can optimise your system and get the most out of Quoox!

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27 February 2024
All things Hyrox! - Utilising Quoox

Webinar from 22nd February 2024, showing how Quoox can be used to ensure your members are ready for Hyrox!

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29 January 2024
Re-energising Your Lapsed Members

Webinar from 25th January 2024, showing how Quoox can be utilised to re-energise your lapsed members.

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20 December 2023
Preparing Your System For The New Year

Webinar from 19th December 2023, showing how Quoox's features can be used to enhance your members' experience during the festive time.

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8 December 2023
Introducing Quoox's QuikPay Payment Links

Taking payment card details from clients over the phone is frowned upon. Quoox's QuikPay Payment Links provide an easy solution.

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28 November 2023
FitnessHub - Your Branding & Member Journey

Webinar from 22nd November 2023, showing how Quoox's FitnessHub can get across your branding and improve the member experience.

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7 November 2023
Embracing technology is no longer optional

Embracing technology is crucial for gym owners, enhancing customer experience, operational efficiency, and competitive edge.

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25 October 2023
Automating Workflows - The Member Journey

Webinar from 25th October 2023, showing how Quoox's automated workflows can be used to improve and enhance the member journey.

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16 October 2023
The red flags that tell you it's time to upgrade!

It’s essential not to ignore these red flags because they can save you time, money, and even a better member experience.

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12 October 2023
The Power of Humility in Gym Leadership

In the dynamic world of fitness, humility and member-focused care are the cornerstones of a successful gym environment.

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20 September 2023
Accountability: Is it time to learn a second trick?

Accountability has long driven gym routines, but there's a rising trend: holistic wellbeing. Why should gym owners take note?

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19 September 2023
Nepotism: The Weights and Measures

Exploring the balance of business and bonds: is hiring your friends and family members in your gym a boon or a bane?

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18 September 2023
Time? Gym Owners Have None.

Are you a Coach, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Accountant, and Business Owner in one?

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18 September 2023
Strategic Pricing: The Key to Gym Business Success

Unlock gym success with strategic membership structuring and SGPT pricing. Dive in to avoid common pitfalls.

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15 September 2023
A Unified System: Enhancing Gym Member Experience

Discover why a unified system for gym membership resources can elevate member experience and optimize operational efficiency.

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7 September 2023
'Roids & Revenue: The Hidden Business Costs of Steroids

Does the use of anabolic steroids by gym owners have a detrimental effect on their ability to effectively operate or grow a fitness business?

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6 September 2023
National Fitness Day - Your Health is For Life

National Fitness Day is this month #YourHealthIsForLife. Find out more about this event and why you should get involved.

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15 August 2023
7-Day Trialist Nurture Programme

7 fun elements you can post automatically through Quoox during your trialist's first 7 days - because it is essential to nurture those leads.

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17 July 2023
Quoox and ukactive Strategic Partnership

ukactive is a non-profit organisation formed to improve the health of the nation by getting more people, more active, more often.

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21 June 2023
How do you, as an SGPT owner, measure success?

Success is a measure of progress, but what happens if Gym owners measure the wrong performance indicators?

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6 June 2023
Reasons to join Quoox at Elevate'23 in London

Elevate is one of the UK's premiere fitness industry events. This year it is taking place on 14-15th June at the London Excel.

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23 May 2023
The Gym Owner's New Clothes: A cautionary tale

With many independent gym owners feeling the pressure, is the day or reckoning coming for some of our industry's supposed gurus?

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16 February 2023
Chasing Rainbows: The return to 1-on-1 Training

Whatever happened to that fabled £1M turnover that you were assured of? Operating an SGPT gym is hard and many have had enough!

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15 November 2022
As the balloon bursts, have suppliers been too greedy?

The fitness market is having a tough time, with suppliers cutting head-count & budgets, and gyms cutting costs and services.

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1 November 2022
Maximising social media for modern SGPT Gyms

No matter your opinion on social media, there is no arguing that it is everywhere and cannot be ignored...

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29 September 2022
Women deserve better from their gym during pregnancy

A recent survey of gym-goers indicated that most women felt that their gym had failed them during their pregnancy.

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16 September 2022
SGPT: Will you & your gym survive the purge?

A mass extinction event (or “purge”) is already under way in the SGPT fitness market and it will be the dinosaurs that fail to make the cut.

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5 September 2022
Tough decisions: Hit, stand, doubledown or split

The signs are there that the likely imminent recession is starting to impact independent gyms. There are tough decisions to be made.

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31 August 2022
Gut health and its role in physical health & fitness

Gut health is one of the biggest trends on social media currently. But how important is your gut for physical health & fitness?

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30 August 2022
The impact of recognition on your bottom line

Recognising the efforts & achievements of your members can directly impact your SGPT gyms' sales & profitability.

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22 August 2022
How to deliver the ultimate individual service at scale

Gen. 3 SGPT is all about delivering the ultimate service, with an absolute focus on the individual. There is art to doing this at scale.

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10 August 2022
#Gen3SGPT - The evolution of the SGPT fitness sector

The fitness industry is one that has been historically slow to adapt, but exciting changes are happening at grassroots level.

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5 August 2022
Welcoming Meg Westrope to the Quoox team

Introducing Sports Science graduate Meg Westrope, the latest addition to the fantastic team based at Quoox HQ.

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25 July 2022
You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you

Quoox GMS's vanity services provide options for branding your FitnessHub URL and outbound email address.

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20 July 2022
Apples, oranges, and good workflow automation

Effective workflow automations are essential for SGPT gyms. But comparing systems can be like comparing apples & oranges.

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18 July 2022
...and for the pony's next trick...

The reasons that people exercise in 2022 are different from what they were. Has your facility pivoted to match your members?

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14 July 2022
If it was easy, everyone would own an SGPT gym

Stockdale Paradox: Never confuse faith that you will prevail with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality.

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5 July 2022
Powering results with the perfect workout playlist

Music has the power to help your members reach their goals. There is an art to curating the perfect gym or workout playlist.

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24 June 2022
Mind, Body, and Soul - Being mindful at every stage

As providers of 360° wellness solutions, it is important that we bear this in mind through our every interaction with our clients.

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20 June 2022
The grass is always greener on the other side

This old proverb is based upon a well known illusion.  However, it is on that we, the fitness industry, continue to fall for it.

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12 June 2022
#$%@&! We forgot the gym management software!

In all the excitement of setting up your sparkling small group training gym and your pristine, scratch-free equipment, it's easily done...

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3 June 2022
The race to the bottom: Sucked into the void

Also known as the ballad of "my members won't pay that", the race to the bottom is a surefire small business killer.

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31 May 2022
Harnessing the power of member engagement

The benefits of engaging with your members is widely known, but there is more to the art than just firing-out regular push messages.

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27 May 2022
To win the race, it's about the driver, then the car

In top-level Formula-1 motorsports, simply having an excellent car is not enough to win the race. Success starts with the driver...

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23 May 2022
Who do you think you are talking to?

For your small group training gym to be successful, you need to both know your audience and how to speak to them.

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19 May 2022
Struggling with your gym? Buy our magic beans...

The rise of the gym owner training academy: Free magic beans and a bottle of premium snake oil included with every sign-up.

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7 May 2022
Fix your gym's leaky bucket with a change of mindset

As gym owners we're conditioned to sell, sell, sell. But what's the point if we're losing valuable members out the other end?

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1 May 2022
A simple subscription agreement in plain English

Approved by the Plain English campaign, our subscription agreement is simple, fair, and easy to understand.

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22 April 2022
Which payment method is right for your SGPT gym?

Payments can be a mine field for some gyms, with many confused by the pro's and con's of different methods. Let's break it down...

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17 April 2022
Truly understanding your personal training business

Things seem to be going alright, but are they? How well are things going? What opportunities are there for making more money?

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2 April 2022
First impressions - dress for the members you want

Have you ever walked into your gym with an objective and open mind? What is the impression that it gives your leads and prospects?

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19 March 2022
Crossing your fingers is not a business plan

According to the American Psychological Association, less than 1% of people would want to know when they are going to die.

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2 March 2022
Prevent wellness just being a box ticking exercise

As a personal training business, are you really offering your members the quality of service that they deserve, or are you just box ticking?

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13 February 2022
Is your gym management software fit-for-purpose?

Absolute horror stories are never far away, so how do you know if your gym management software is actually fit-for-purpose?

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5 February 2022
The most valuable piece of equipment in your SGPT gym

An oft discussed topic, but what actually is the most valuable piece of equipment for business owners in their small group training gym?

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30 January 2022
The Show Horse vs Plough Horse: Level-5 Leaders

In his award-winning book, "Good to Great", Jim Collins discusses Alan Wurzel's analogy of "the show horse versus the plough horse"...

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19 January 2022
VAT, pricing, and playing the longer game

It is very easy for us to operate with a slight herd mentality, but to operate a successful SGPT gym you need to focus on the long game.

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6 January 2022
Building and maintaining a profitable fitness business

In a highly competitive market there is an art to building and maintaining a profitable fitness business. We teach you how...

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1 December 2021
7 Lessons from the most successful gym operators

Valuable lessons from the wellness industry's most successful operators, helping you to operate your SGPT gym profitably.

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28 November 2021
The fitness guru is dead... Long live the fitness guru!

With the true pioneers of the small group fitness industry reaching retirement age, there are new pretenders to the throne...

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