Harnessing the message centre
Harnessing the message centre
The message centre provides a centralised place where facilities can communicate with their members, both in-coming and out-going, via email or SMS. Every Quoox customer.
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July 4th was the new June 8th
Is it time yet?
As human-beings, psychologically we need to something positive to fix upon.  It is our nature. However, fixating on a "false horizon" can cause self-inflicted pain,.
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CRM Stockholm Syndrome
Gym CRM Stockholm Syndrome – are you a sufferer?
stockholm syndrome /stok-hohm sin-drohm/  noun Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This.
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A letter to the Prime Minister
Latest gym re-opening guidance from British Government
On 22nd May 2020, the co-founders of Quoox wrote to the British Prime Minister requesting re-opening guidance for the gym and fitness industry. We today.
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Take your fitness business online
To Zoom or not to Zoom!
That is the question... for many fitness operators. Some professional have hated leading Zoom sessions, longing for the return of their in-person sessions. Others have.
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Relaunching after COVID-19 - A Case Study
CASE STUDY: Relaunching after COVID-19
Learn how Nisus Fitness, Ireland, re-launched their business using Quoox & MZ-Remote - signing up over 100 members in just a few days, and delivering.
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Denial ain't just a river in Egypt
Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt
In this day-and-age there is little that shocks me, but I did let out an audible "WOW!" last night when I saw this Facebook post.
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Deliver engaging MZ-Remote live sessions with Quoox
Deliver engaging MZ-Remote LIVE sessions in 2 clicks!
June 8, 2020: Quoox, the market disrupting Gym and Fitness Studio Management platform, is delighted to announce its integration with Myzone's MZ-Remote, bringing a unified,.
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Myzone Partner
Myzone is one of the best known brands in fitness tech, and are one of the finest innovators of motivational and performance monitoring products. Quoox.
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Joe O Conner, Nisus Fitness
Joe O Connor, Nisus Fitness
Discover how using Quoox has benefited Joe O Connor of Nisus Fitness in Ireland, including our seamless, 2-click integration with MZ-Remote.
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BC/AC - The New Era
BC/AC – The New Era Fitness Facility
The world has changed, and along with it the landscape in which all fitness businesses find themselves operating in has also changed. At Quoox we.
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Contact tracing regulations
COVID-19 software for your fitness business
Once gyms are given the go ahead to re-open you are going to be busy! It is going to feel a bit like a re-launch,.
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